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The University of Melbourne provides a range of health services to both local and international students, as well as staff and their dependents.


The health service advocates for a safe environment for people from all backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, sexuality and gender groups.


The health service is associated with the "Closing the Gap" initiative and is currently aiming to be Rainbow Tick accredited. We aim to provide the best support to all patients and we provide general practitioner services and referrals to specialists outside of our clinic when necessary.


Teleconsult is available if you’re currently onshore, have attended our clinic in the last 12 months for a face-to-face consultation, and do not require in-person assistance.


Flu vaccination and cervical cancer vaccinations (Gardasil 9) are available at the University Health Services. Children of students or staff are welcome to receive childhood vaccinations given by trained nurses.

NOTE: Please ensure you bring your student ID, Medicare or OSHC details; discuss with your doctor before receiving flu vaccinations and wait for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccination.

For children's vaccinations, please bring previous records of the child’s immunization history when attending your appointment.


The University Health Services provide COVID vaccinations, hotline, testing and travel documentation.

For more information, visit:

Men's & WOmen's Health

The University Health Service can provide information on pap smears, breast examinations and gynecological concerns, mental health, sexual health, and prostate checks.

Cervical cancer vaccinations (Gardasil 9) and Cervical Screening Tests are available. Cervical screening tests are recommended for women aged 25 or older, every 5 years.

Health Checks

A variety of health checks are available at the University Health Services, covering areas such as blood pressure, blood sugar, skin cancer and cholesterol.

Travel Health

Consultations for people planning to travel, covering areas such as travel vaccination, prophylaxis medications for conditions ranging from malaria to stomach cramps, and items for travel safety such as first aid kits and emergency trauma kits.

NOTE: Please consult your doctors before purchasing any travel medications or Malarial prophylaxis medications.

Sexual Health & Contraception

University Health Services provide advice and treatment regarding sexual health, including contraception, sexually transmitted infection (STI) and any general sexual health issues for all gender and sexual orientations.​

NOTE: Please ensure to book an appointment to speak with a GP for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication prescription.

Contact Us


138 - 146 Cardigan St

Carlton VIC 3053


(03) 8344 6904

<no email>

Open Hours

Mon - Fri

8:45 am – 5:00 pm

(During semester)





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