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Committee Roles

A list of the different roles available for the 2024 IPEP-HSN Committee, and the key tasks expected of each role.


  • Oversee, provide support, advice and guidance to the committee and IPEP-HSN members

  • Oversee all events held during the year

  • Liaise with health disciplines and other organisations within and outside of the University

  • Liaise with the MDHS Interprofessional Education committee

  • Oversee long-term planning and future direction for the club.

  • Review of constitution

Vice President


  • Develop and maintain external stakeholder relations (e.g. other universities, relevant organisations)

  • Ensure GSA affiliation requirements are met

  • Coordinate sponsorship opportunities

  • Assist other committee members when required

Vice President


  • Organising the IPEP-HSN Seminar Series

  • Liaise with internal stakeholders such as faculty coordinators and MDHS

  • Ensure UMSU affiliation requirements are met

  • Assist in organisation of events

  • Assist other committee members when required


  • Oversee the club bank account – maintenance, collection of bank statements, transactions

  • Assist with development of sponsorship

  • Budgeting

  • Determine source of funding (GSA or UMSU) to apply for with assistance of committee

  • Completion of forms for grant applications and submission of receipts

  • Financial report for AGM


  • Organisation of the minutes for each meeting

  • Organisation of meeting dates, rooms, times and communicating these details to the rest of the committee

  • Maintenance of the mailing list

  • Assist with organisation of events and sponsorship

  • Organisation of the AGM

Social Coordinator

  • Chief organiser for the IPEP Welcome event, Sports Days

  • Organise catering for Seminars, Workshops, Conference (in conjunction with the Conference coordinators)

  • Liaise with Treasurer to determine budget and apply for Grants for events.

  • Promote social connectedness between disciplines

Education Officer

  • Organisation of Skills workshops

  • Liaise with discipline representatives to promote interdisciplinary opportunities

  • Attend MDHS leadership training and faculty meetings

Media & Publicity Officer

  • Compile and design graphics for event cover photos, event advertising visuals and social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

  • Update website with new committee members and events

  • Manage social media presence

  • Organise photography at events

  • Organise and manage ticketing at events (liaise with event organiser)

  • Assist in communication efforts between relevant stakeholders

Conference Coordinators

  • Coordinate a full day symposium including vision and theme for the day focusing on interdisciplinary care

  • Contact relevant guest speakers and health experts to facilitate the day

  • Involvement at discipline conferences

Discipline Representatives

  • Communicate to discipline faculty and all student cohorts about IPEP-HSN events and activities

  • Assist executive committee in leading and coordinating events

  • Assist with other duties when necessary ​

  • 1-2 representatives per discipline: ​

    • Medicine

    • Nursing

    • Dentistry/Oral Health

    • Optometry

    • Physiotherapy

    • Audiology

    • Music Therapy

    • Speech Pathology

    • Population & Public Health

    • Social Work

    • Psychology

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