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2020 IPEP Conference


In these extraordinary times, IPEP Conference 2020 will be an online conference. With the theme "Communication", this conference will cover two very relevant topics - Telehealth and First Nations Health.

Part 1 - Recorded videos/podcasts/transcripts of insightful interviews conducted with experts and professors working and researching in Telehealth and/or First Nations Health will be made available to you from Monday 14 Sept to Thursday 8 Oct via Google Drive.

Part 2 - We will convene over a live Zoom session on Thursday 8 Oct (7.30-9.30pm) to delve deeper into case studies with our zoom speakers. Stand a chance to win gift vouchers too!

IPEP HSN's Webinar 1: Future Technologies & Healthcare


With the world on an exponential increase in innovation in all industries, where does the healthcare sector stand?

Join us for IPEP's first 2020 educational seminar hearing from entrepreneurs and experts in their respective fields. This seminar will be exploring aspects from 3D Printing and AI to detecting neurodegenerative conditions through the eye.

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