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WE ARE SEEKING students who are passionate about interprofessional education and practice, work well in a team environment and able to commit to fortnightly meetings at the Parkville campus as required. 

BENEFITS: Experience working in an interprofessional team, gaining new supports from our close-knit committee and developing skills for executive positions for discipline representatives if interested. 

HOW TO JOIN: Attend the upcoming AGM on Tuesday, 17th September 5.30pm at the Alice Hoy building, room 330. Nominations will take place for all roles including executive and general committee for 2020.


Executive Committee (2019): 

President - Violet Zhang

Vice President (internal) - Natalie Kew

Vice President (external) - Deniz Tuncer

Treasurer - Hasnat Siddiqui 

Secretary - Josh Wibowo 

Social Coordinator - Shasha Chen

Education Coordinator - Amreen Hussain 

Conference Coordinators - Laura Murray & Bethany Daws

Publicity and Multi-media Officer - Shashank Raman 

General Committee (Discipline Representative): 

Optometry - Mina You

Music Therapy - Laura Murray 

Audiology - John Kim, Chenxi Lei and Hollie Andrews 

Speech Pathology - Katherine Costello & Susanna Ling 

Dentistry - Vivienne Chan & Kevin Liu

Physiotherapy - Elizabeth Gracias & Jennifer Altimier

Master of Public Health - Anna Zhang & Sourav Jain 

Nursing - Tim Levar & Emily Mohd Faizal

Medicine - Ian Haryono 

Biotechnology - Vishnu Vijai 

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