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The University of Melbourne Interprofessional Education and Practice Health Students' Network is proud to present the Third Annual Sports Day. 

This year the competition will be a mixed futsal round robin competition. The competition will run from 9am to 11am, please ensure you arrive at 8:50am to register your team! Refreshments will be provided. 


All games will be played at the stadium at the Melbourne Uni Sports Centre. 

Game structure:

Each game will run for ~15 minutes, and will be as follows:

  • 7-minute halves

  • A half time break of 1 minute

  • 4 minutes for change over to next game 

  • No time outs are allowed

  • Each team plays each other once

  • Teams:

    • 1) Multidisciplinary team

    • 2) Dentistry

    • 3) Optometry

    • 4) Speech Pathology

    • 5) Physiotherapy

  • Points system: A win is 2 points and draw 1 point. The team with the most points wins. Prizes to be won!



  • A maximum of 7 players may take the court at one time. There must be minimum of 3 females on the field at any point during the game. There can be a maximum of 4 males on the field at once.

  • Teams can make an unlimited amount of substitutions. Substitutions can only be made when the ball is out of play.

  • Disclaimer: Participants are not covered for injury and it is assumed that all participants are aware of the personal risks involved. Public liability cover applies only to members of the non-participating public who are injured through their attendance at the event. 

  • Game times: 

    • Round 1: 9:10am - 9:25am 

    • Round 2: 9:30am - 9:45am

    • Round 3: 9:50am - 10:05 am 

    • Round 4: 10:10am - 10:25am

    • Round 5: 10:30am - 10:45am

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